Tranbi Dining Chair


This design is dedicated to the oriental influences of modern times. TRANBI adopts clean lines from the Japanese culture. This bare design, free from ornamentation, emphasises the natural texture of mahogany. The red shades from the wood create a nice contrast with the loum in the back and seat, which guarantees long, enjoyable hours at the table - especially when accompanied with a good wine. The meticulously hand-carved back, in a half-circumference shape, accentuates the straight lines of the seat and legs. This contributes to creating subtle contrasts to the piece. Despite its modest style, TRANBI brings a savoir-faire to the room both in urban and rustic interiors.

Technical Information

Width 50cm
Depth 50cm
Height 76cm
Seat Height 47cm


  • Mahogany Wood
  • Natural Rope (loom)

Piece’s Finishing

Dark Brown ( chocolate )